PHP weby

Welcome to the installation of PhP weby directory software

Please fill out the fields to install the web directory software.
After pressing continue (do it only once!) do not press refresh or stop the loading of the page. If your are reinstalling keep in mind that everything will be deleted including links,categories,options...
File install.php will be automatically deleted. You can download it later from if you plan to reinstall

The following directories and files must be writable, in order the installer to continue:
  • jadro/config.php
  • tmp/
  • tmp/images/
  • tmp/admincache/
  • tmp/templates_c/
  • templates/default/
  • templates/default/categ.tpl

If you have problems, read our Install guide

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Database host (localhost or mysqlhost on most servers):

Database name:

Database user name:

Database password: